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The Benefits Of Regular Car Servicing

A car can be a very liberating piece of equipment to own. Being unfettered from the soaring prices of public transport and having the freedom to travel exactly when and where you want is why cars are so essential in the modern day. However, they can also be as annoyingly unpredictable as they are useful, which is why it's so crucial to always keep your car in good nick.

Unfortunately, most drivers are unaware of the warning signs that indicate that a car might be on its way towards mechanical problems. In fact, according to Green Flag, some 21 million cars are currently being driven on the roads with a variety of faults. This startling fact is due to ignorance amongst the general public and can lead to a higher chance of crashes on the road, as well as higher bills for drivers when repairs are eventually needed. This same study suggests that the average driver spends £574 on car repairs annually, but that 47% of those repairs could have been cheaper if they were seen to earlier. Often drivers will disregard the problem until it becomes too big to ignore.

Of course, this is a very dangerous habit to get in to but it's also an indication of the confusion that people feel towards their cars. Many people simply hope the problems will get better by themselves which is rarely, if ever, the case.

Although it's not a hard and fast solution, getting your car serviced regularly will illuminate these issues before they become too great and expensive to manage. Dropping off your car to be serviced is an easy task and can help provide you with peace of mind as well as save you money. Read on to discover the key benefits of regular car servicing.

The Positives of Getting a Regular Car Service

As discussed, having your car regularly serviced isn't going to guarantee that you'll never have any car troubles again. However, it puts you in a far better position than not getting it done. For a small financial outlay, there are a number of positives to getting your car serviced. In almost any situation, the positives outweigh the negatives. So, if you're umming and ahhing about whether you should book your car in, here are some reasons to do so.

It Keeps You Safe

One of the most important reasons to get your car serviced regularly is that it keeps you, your passengers and other road users safe. During a service, the mechanic will be able to identify and repair any minor problems that rear their ugly heads before they become unruly and overly-expensive. By not having your car serviced, small problems could lay dormant and grow until it's too late. In some circumstances, these issues could grow so big that they could ruin your car beyond repair.

Inspecting the brakes and suspension is crucial in making sure that the vehicle is safe to drive and the parts aren't about to let you down when you're driving on the motorway. Wear and tear can creep up on you without much forewarning. Especially if you have an ageing car, the likelihood of problems gets much larger and it's even more important to have regular services to make sure that, if there is an issue, at least you know about it.

You Can Save Money In The Long Term

As a vehicle is likely going to be one of the biggest investments that you are going to make, you want to save as much money on running it and maintaining it as possible. On the surface, you might want to avoid spending more on it for this reason, but a regular service will actually help you to save money in the long-run.

By having your car serviced regularly and in line with the recommendations from the manufacturer, you're less likely to need further repairs as often. Keeping your car in the best shape possible means that major repairs are less likely to happen and, during the service, minor repairs will be addressed right away. Repairs can become expensive if ignored - far more expensive than the price of a service - and a regular service is a great way to circumvent this.

By having your car serviced, you will also retain the best fuel efficiency so that you aren't spending as much at the petrol station. Regular services also mean that your car will operate at the best possible performance so, as well as saving money, you'll also have a better driving experience.

Your Car Will Last Longer and Give You Peace of Mind

As with anything mechanical, the better you treat your car the longer it will last. It's really as simple as that. You're far more likely to avoid problems by getting your car serviced. Just simple things like having the oil and filters changed - which all happen during a service - will prolong the life of the car.

Knowing that your car isn't going to cough and splutter on you at a moment's notice will also provide you with peace of mind. Cars can be a mystery for a lot of us, so handing it over to a professional on a regular basis to get their knowledge, expertise and skills makes everything more transparent.

Increases The Sale Value Of The Car

Having a vehicle with a full and detailed service history will help you when it comes to selling up. In fact, almost 50% of buyers will ignore a car without this crucial paperwork. Also, if a car doesn't have a service history, then it can sell with nearly a quarter taken off the price. That peace of mind that the car hasn't been in any major accidents and has been looked after properly goes a long way so, as well as selling for more money, the car is likely to sell faster.

How Often Should I Book Vehicle Servicing?

Depending on how much you use your car, how new it is, how well it has been maintained and the type of drives you do regularly will all decide how often you should have your car serviced. If you mainly drive on motorways and smooth roads, you may get away with getting your car serviced less often. If you drive long distances on poor-quality roads then it might be an idea to book in a service more regularly. However, a general rule of thumb is to get your car serviced once per year. Another guideline is every 12,000 miles you drive. If you drive a large number of miles a year in comparison to other road users then you should aim to get your car serviced once every 6 months or every 6,000 miles.

Many modern cars also have a service warning light that flashes when it's time for you to book the car in, so you no longer have to keep count of the time or miles.

Book Your Car in For a Service With Rivera Car Centre

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As well as selling cars, we also have the ability to service your vehicle. We know how important it is to ensure your car is always well-maintained, which is why we will thoroughly inspect and service your car to ensure that it's working as well as possible. We will make sure any minor problems are spotted and addressed before they become too troublesome and do so at a reasonable car service cost.

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