Why you should choose a second-hand car for your first vehicle

If you have first passed your driving test, congratulations! Now, the next step is getting on the road itself, and if you are contemplating getting a second-hand motor, you have come to the right place.

Navigating the roads is no easy feat, and we can certainly make it simpler for you with our range of used and second-hand cars in Devon.

Though you may initially have reservations about buying a second-hand car, we hope that we may be able to sway you in that direction and lessen any concerns that you may have.


First things first, second-hand vehicles are considerably cheaper than new machines. Even if you have always dreamt of buying a squeaky clean hatchback, these can cost a pretty penny. Relax your mind and purse strings with a second-hand car.

Not only will the cost be cheaper outright, but so will the insurance. Especially if you are a young person who has just passed their test.

Your money will also go further if you consider a second-hand vehicle. Instead of a basic model for a new car, you can get an older top of the range motor for half of the price.

Whether you are making the purchase yourself or if your parents are chipping in, this is the most cost effective option.


Many would be put off by a second-hand vehicle, due to the idea that it will break down constantly. Though we agree that no one wants to be stuck on a motorway or shelling out lots of cash for repairs, we want to put this old drives tale to rest!

Whether you are moving all of your stuff down to university, or visiting your family and friends around Devon, there is a reliable car for everyone.

Many of our cars are put through rigorous checks before they are put up for sale, and up to date with any repairs, using the latest technology and machinery. So, you can speed down the A380 to Exeter or A377 to Barnstaple in no time.


As a modern society, we are always seeking for something brighter, newer, and more advanced, so forgive us for thinking that a new car is certainly the more attractive option.

Getting a second-hand motor doesn't mean just getting an old banger, you can get a fine, stylish second-hand car that is clean, moves beautifully and looks great too.

Plus, some of the greatest cars in the world are vintage classics, and their refined elegance pales in comparison to the shiny and brand new cars on the market today.

A variety of top brands have countless second-hand cars to choose from and we regularly update our inventory. So you can get your dream vehicle at a price that suits you.

Plus, everyone makes a few mistakes when driving and small damages like scrapes and bumps are likely to happen. With a second-hand vehicle, you are less precious about this as it won't depreciate the value of your vehicle as much.

Whether you are stuck between getting a Volvo or a Volkswagen, why not contact us today to find out more.